"Blood Calls Out For Blood"


A Ranma / Sailor Moon Crossover


     Sailor Moon and all related properties are properties of Naoko Takeuchi. Ranma and all related properties

are properties of Rumiko Takashi. This story is inspired by Vaughan Stevens' "Recruiting" and I owe him a debt of

gratitude for a good story and inspiration.


Chapter 05:


     A Woman Divided Cannot Stand




     The eight warriors all looked at their newest member, examining the changes, both from their departed friend, and the cursed man they had recruited. As each one began to shift out of their outfits, they kept their eyes upon Sailor Mercury, as eventually she, too, transformed.


     The busty redhead of less than an hour before was gone, replaced with someone far more unusual. Her hair was a dark red, that faded to almost a blue-black at the tip of her braided hair. Her ample bosom seemed to have diminished, but she was still obviously female. Her body was well-toned, as it seems at least that carried over. Her eyes were still an ice blue, but harder than the redhead's, or perhaps it was because her face seemed harder than before. The best features of both the late Mizuno Ami and the departed Saotome Ranma seemed to have merged, but the weathering of her travails left their marks as well. The two who had left this world in one way or another were girls, at least part of

the time. The one who arrived in their wake was undoubtedly a woman, forged of sorrow, loss and power.


     The Senshi gathered around the girl as she took one step back, shaking her head softly, holding up a hand. Her stance seemed hesitant, almost nervous. She looked up, and then dashed to a bathroom, locking the door behind her.


     Most of the others blinked a few times as they looked at each other. "What was that all about?" Minako voiced the question that was on almost everyone's mind.


     Chibi-Usa moved to Setsuna's side and said, "Is Ka..." She was cut off quickly by Setsuna.


     "I'll explain later, Usa-chan." The eldest warrior then looked up toward the bathroom.




     The woman stared into the mirror, looking through new eyes at her new body, trying to grasp the enormity of her decision. "What are we?" she asked herself, as her hand moved to her face, tracing each line.



     /We don't know,/ a voice inside her head spoke. A voice that did not sound like Ami or Ranma, but perhaps some conglomeration of both.


     She blinked as she fell back, hitting the wall. "Wh... who said that?"


     /We did. We think.../ The voice sounded troubled. It seemed more like a distant echo of her own new voice.


     /Who are you?/


     "We don't know. We were Ranma... weren't we? Or were we Ami?" The woman tried to keep a slight whimper of fear out of her voice and was mostly successful.


     /But we aren't either anymore, are we? Ami died, and Ranma disappeared./ The last sounded troubled, almost as if the voice wasn't sure that was the word she was looking for. Yes, definitely a female.


     "Then who or what are we?"


     /We don't know./


     Then there was a knock at the door. "Can I come in?" The voice of the older woman (<<setsuna...>> a whispery thought at the back of her head informed) came through the door.


     "N..." <<Yes... she can help>> "Wait." she hesitated another moment, then unlocked the door long enough for Setsuna to slip into the room, before closing it and locking it again.


     Pluto leveled a very concerned gaze toward the woman, offering a mug of tea to her. "Here..." She says softly as she sits down on a stool. "Are you alright?" She asks.


     "We're fine..." the woman said, too quickly.


     "We?" Setsuna asked, a catch in her voice.


     "W... I'm fine." She almost snapped. "Just... a bit dizzy, that's all."


     'Why didn't I warn myself?' Setsuna caught herself wondering before almost shaking her head. 'If I would have, I'm sure I would have told myself.' She then looked into the redhead's eyes. "Are you sure? You can talk to us if you need to."


     "We're fine... Just give us a moment." The girl asked. <<trust her...>> That whispery voice in her head said, almost pleaded. /Who is that?/ She asked herself. That echo of herself replied, /Who is who?/ the echo asked.


     Setsuna could almost see the confusion in the girl's face as she 'steadied herself'. /What is going on in that head right now? How can we help her?/




     The girls conversed, unsure what to do. Usagi stood apart, fiddling with her hair nervously. She then looked to Makoto. "Do you think I did the right thing?"


     Makoto seemed startled. "Doubting yourself, Usagi?"


     Usagi sighed. "It's not that. It's just that... well, this has never been done before. Is she going to be ok?"


     Makoto paused, then sighed. "I don't know. All we can do is help her."


     "Are you sure we can though? It's not like the fights we've had before." Usagi said. "If it was a fight, we could probably deal with it. But we're not even sure what's happened."


     Meanwhile, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru and Minako spoke quietly amongst themselves. "Do you think she'll be ok?" Hotaru asked.


     Michiru sighed gently. "I don't know. Both Ami and Ranma've been through a lot, it seems. But Ami's a strong person. And so is Ranma, I think."


     Haruka muttered, "Hell, if she's as good as it seems, even if she just teaches us, we'll do well enough."


     Minako nodded softly. "I just wonder how Ranma's family'll take it."




     The dojo was almost dead silent. All except the sobbing of it's only present inhabitant. Akane wiped her face and sat up after her tears dwindled. Ranma hadn't been seen in almost three days, and this worried her. She could admit it now. With the loss of two people close to her, and the disappearance of a third, her naive sense of immortality, of power, had died. She began to realize how vulnerable she was. If they could kill someone as skilled as Ukyou, as strong and tough as Ryouga, could they kill her? Could... or have they killed Ranma?


     Nabiki slipped into the dojo, looking a little haggard. "Akane?"


     Akane looked up, and started. "Nabiki, are you alright?"


     The middle child shook her head. "No... Not really."


     Akane grew even more worried. For her sisters to be as worried as she was, was definitely not a good sign at all. 'W.. Well, want to talk about it, onee-chan?"


     Nabiki raised an eyebrow, then sighed gently, nodding. "For once, yes." She replied, sitting down next to her. "I'm worried about the chance of one of those monsters showing up around here. Especially with Ranma gone."


     Akane paused, and then sighed. "You're worried about him too, aren't you?"


     Nabiki tried to scoff, but it sounded weak at best. "Yeah. I guess I am worried about the dunce. Especially after not seeing him since Ukyou..."


     Akane nodded, trying not to think of the funeral. "Has anyone seen him? Or Saotome-baasan?"


     Nabiki actually looked suprised, and then muttered a curse under her breath. "No. I'm wondering if he's with her right now. Would make sense. Why don't we go to Saotome-ke and see if he's there?"


     Akane stood and went to the house to change. Nabiki stayed, shaking her head. "I hope you're ok, Ranma. For Akane's sake... and my own."




     The newly born woman stared into the mirror, with Setsuna looking over her shoulder. "W... I'll need some time to think... get settled. Is there a place we can stay?" She asked.


     Setsuna tried not to show her worry at the plural pronoun used. "Sure. You can stay with myself and the rest. I'm sure Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru will be able to help you if you need it." /And keep an eye on you if they have to,/ she thinks to herself. "I have to go check on a few arrangements and then I'll be back, alright?"


     The woman nodded hesitantly, not even taking her eyes from her reflection. /So... who are we then?/ She asked that echo of herself. /Not Ranma, Not Ami... I suppose we should choose a new name./


     Setsuna stepped out cautiously, as that inner decision continued. /We're still a Saotome. Until we're dead or kicked out,/ that echo said. /Mizuno Ami is dead, but most of us is still Saotome blood./


     The woman nodding softly. /Thanks./ In all honesty, that worried her, that she would be nothing of her predecessors. /Huh.. Well, the Saotome family's always had.../


     The echo paused and then nodded. /That could work. The meaning... yes./




     The senshi all looked up as the door to the bathroom opened. Setsuna entering and leaving had reassured them somewhat, but there was still a worry she would run away, or even take her own life. The woman stepped out, still seeming cautious and hesitant, but she nodded to them all.


     "Ranma?" Usagi asked.


     The figure shook her head. "No. Ranma has departed. Ami is gone. But we remember."


     Minako paused. "Then, who are you?"


     The woman looked up, trying not to flinch at the question she continued to ask herself. "Our... My name is Saotome. Saotome Kaiba."





Author's note


Kaiba's a translation I found for 'sea horse'. If I'm wrong, please let me know.