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Fanfiction Links

Animeaddiction's Page Mark IV
This is anime addictions page containing a wide aray of fan fiction.
  • Dual Destinys
  • Fighting Blind
  • Cat Fist Fury
  • The Great Crossover Crisis
  • And more...
Phoenix's Den
This is the authour of the great Sailor Moon/Ranma crossover "Lines of Destiny" a must read.
  • Lines of Destiny
  • Point of No Return
  • And more...
Nighthawk's Fanfiction
This is site has a lot of Sailor Moon/Ranma crossovers aswell as many great dark fics.
  • Twin Black Phoenix
  • A Dark World
  • A Rended Breath of Life
  • And more...

Strider's Ranma Archive
His personal site has a lot of great fics and only a few mentioned below. If only he were to focus and not have so many fics.
  • The Pegasus Cycle
  • Dragoon Ranma
  • Stars of Destiny
  • Precious Blue, Blue Velvet
  • Oceans of Eternity
  • Irahalceon
  • And much more...

Anime/Fanfiction Resources

The Lost Library of Florestica
This is an anime/manga fanfiction archive with fics by so many authors it is near impossible to reach the end of this site.

Lady Cosmos Fanfic Library
This is another great fanfiction archive. It has quite a few very promising authors.

The Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index
This is the mother of all archives it has a large archive of fics that can be sorted and viewed in many many ways.

Misc. Links

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