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Fan Fiction

Blood Calls Out for Blood (Ranma/Sailor Moon)

Monsters have come to Nerima and although in the end the Senshi defeat the monster the price is terrible. Sailor Mercury and Mars are gone. Ranma was fighting as well, and he too pays a high price with the loss of Ryoga. This isn't the end of the terror and it becomes increasingly apparent to the desperate Ranma that he just doesn't have the power himself to protect those he holds dear. The Senshi have an offer for the pigtailed girl though. They need to replace their fallen comrades and Ranma would be a great addition. But can Ranma accept the changes he must endure?

Hikari no Daija (The Serpent of Light) (Ranma/Harry Potter/Others)

Ranma's life is seemingly ruined when Ryouga destroys the mushrooms that would have restored Ranma to his rightful age. But as some hands turn against him, his ancestry comes back to give him a new life, and haunt others. Now Ranma is given a second chance to live up to an unknown heritage. Some side with him, others against him, but this is no longer a fight he can handle alone, as he shares a common enemy with the Boy-Who-Lived...
Year Zero:

Silver Nemesis (Ranma/Marvel)

A follow up to "The Bet: Crippled" by Gregg Sharp, Ranma has lost everything he has been for the last ten years to the swordthrust of an overzealous amazon. But sometimes, to become greater than one is, one must build themselves from nothing. And now Ranma is on that path.
  • Chapter 01: A Warrior Reborn
  • Chapter 02: A Light In The Darkness

  • Twins of Flame (Ranma/Slayers)

    10 years ago, a curious Lina and her sister Lana wandered into Luna's laboratory while she was concentrating on a ritual. Ever impetuous, Lina disturbs Luna, distracting her and causing a magical disaster in which a rip in reality consumed Lana. This was the cause of Lina learning black magic, hoping against hope that she could bring her sister back one day. In Nerima, Ranma is feeling empty after the failed wedding. There's something important missing, but what could it be...

    Half a Woman, Half a Shadow (Ranma/Shadowrun)

    A redheaded girl and a panda come to the Tendo Dojo. However when the girl is hit with hot water, she changes. Into a strange silver-haired boy with pointy ears! Who, or what is Ranma. Well, whoever he/she is, Nabiki is interested. Looks like she has pointy ears of her own...

    The Price (Ranma)

    A Songfic, based on Staind’s “The Price to Play”, Those close to Ranma begin to realize that perhaps Ranma is at the end of his rope…

    Change of Phases (Sailor Moon / X-Men)

    A young woman deals with the conflicts of being admired as a heroine and reviled as something different. Can one be both a mutant and a beautiful soldier at the same time?

    Iron Tiger (Battletech / ?)

    The Federated Commonwealth Civil War has finally come to it's conclusion, and the Inner Sphere is trying to establish peace. However, when a series of furious strikes are made at both the Lyran Alliance and the Free Worlds League, humanity faces a new challenge with as much potential to end humanity as we know it as the Clan Invasion of fifteen years before...

    Dog Fiend and Cat Spirit (Ranma 1/2 / Inuyasha)
    A child is maimed and begs for help as his father tortures him. His desperate pleas are heard and a deal is made. Now, ten years later, the deal is fulfilled and a warrior is reborn.

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